Surviving Bullet Hell in Blasters of the Universe Gameplay Video

There is something comforting about the sharp neon colours of Blasters of the Universe, something that calls to mind hours spent pouring coins into arcade machines in the 1980s. Of course, any sense of comfort or complacency is quickly blown away in a hail of weapons fire.

Developer Secret Location originally brought Blasters of the Universe to life on Steam Early Access for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Though at its root a wave shooter, Blasters of the Universe did a few things differently from the rest of the genre to set it apart.


With the development team admitting that they drew considerable inspiration from the ‘bullet hell’ shoot-em-up sub-genre, you can expect to see a vivid array of different gunfire types and patterns, which players will quickly need to learn how to respond to, either by dodging, ducking or deploying your energy shield.

Another way that Blasters of the Universe differs is that it does not offer dual-wielding, instead giving the player a rechargeable shield for one hand, and a customisable gun for the other. The latter point is one of the titles stand-out features, as the gun customisation options are vast, allowing players to carefully tailor the gun’s abilities to suit a particular play style or fight a particular enemy.

For those who have sharpened their aim and their reflexes and are seeking a new challenge, the release of Blasters of the Universe may offer something that PlayStation VR sharpshooters can get their teeth into.

As VRFocus noted in its review of the PC version: “For those that’ve become rightly bored with wave shooters Blasters of the Universe offers that spark of light, reminding us why this genre became popular in the first place. The entire theme, visual aesthetics and gameplay make Blasters of the Universe a joy to play, just be prepared to swear and curse – possibly throw a controller – as that heart disappears because you didn’t see that one laser bolt soon enough.”

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