Survive Procedurally Generated Labyrinth Down to Dungeon on Gear VR

There has been a little lull of late when it comes to videogames for Samsung Gear VR. Sure the headset has been out a few years an built up a sizable library of content but a fresh influx of titles is always appreciated. So its good to see indie studio Far North Entertainment have a go at the dungeon crawler genre with, Down to Dungeon. 

Down to Dungeon Screenshot2

Down to Dungeon is in fact the debut game from Far North Entertainment. Player will be able to explore procedurally generated levels, finding all sorts of traps and enemies along the way. As they head deeper into the dungeon they’ll find new gear and weapons to help them survive. From robes that’ll increase defence to new swords that’ll improve attack stats, it’s always worthwhile exploring as much as possible. The other challenge is not only to survive but also to fight through hordes of enemies and collect as much loot as possible.

As players progress they’ll grow stronger and unlock different abilities, making them a better treasure hunter and a destructive force to be reckoned with. Be care though as death is final. Entering the dungeon again and again will bring up new obstacles and challenges, as no run through is ever quite the same.

Levels will feature various themes, from classic Egyptian style tombs to outdoor Viking filled tundras and Japanese gardens with deadly samurai in wait.

Down to Dungeon Screenshot4

Down to Dungeon supports the Gear VR controller and can be found on the Oculus Store retailing at $2.99 USD/£2.29 GBP. There is a 10 percent discount promotion running at the moment, dropping that price down to £2.00. For any further updates from Far North Entertainment on this or future VR projects, keep reading VRFocus.