Summer Funland Opens Its Doors To PC VR Users Tomorrow

Monad Rock look to bring all the fun of the fair with a trailer and screenshots.

It’s not the most ideal weather, at least in the Northern hemisphere, to go out at present. In fact, in the UK it’s what we like to call “bloody freezing out there”. It’s also a windy, rainy (among a number of other types of precipitation) and generally not the sort of thing you set out into to have fun. Unless you’re someone who likes hiking or camping.  So, if you suggested to me “let’s go to a theme park” I’d say “certainly” followed by “what time in May should we step outside the front door again?”

Summer FunlandThankfully not all theme parks are outside, some are inside. Inside virtual reality (VR) that is.

Summer Funland is one of the titles announced by Monad Rock,’s new videogame studio that was revealed earlier this week. The other being first person shooter Blunt Force. Summer Funland is due to launch tomorrow on PC with support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive whilst a version for the PlayStation VR is also set to release at a later date, and is set to bring you all the fun of a major attraction without having to even leave your home.

Features that you can experience in the videogame, according to Monad Rock, include:

  • Get ready for a crazy rollercoaster ride, both at day and night – see the park from a wholly different perspective!
  • Hop on a futuristic bike and roam the dark streets of Gotham
  • Delve into the depths of the ocean, explore coral reefs and ancient ruins where a mythical beast dwells
  • Blast off into space and see its wonders up close and personal
  • Prove you are Wild West’s best gunslinger in a Western-themed shooting range
  • Explore a world made of candy, play a sugary version of tennis and tear down marshmallow barricades
  • Mount a unicorn and prepare for jousting in a funky tunnel
  • Climb a tower for amazing scenic views
  • Catch squirrels and whack penguins in crazy minigames testing your reflexes
  • Show off your fireball throwing skills

A trailer and screenshots for Summer Funland have also been released by the developer and you can see those below. VRFocus wll bring you more news about the title very soon.



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