Something For The Weekend: Great Steam VR Games, Space Exploration, Sci Fi Shooting And More

Ah another week is over and you need to get away into the virtual world for a few hours, right? We completely understand, which is why we’ve got a big list of brand new discounts you can take advantage of to get some new software for you virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD).

Just take a look below for all of the best offers on Steam VR, and check back on VRFocus every week for more great offers.



In this world, puzzles are built from dreams and memories and you must piece them together to understand the truth. The world morphs around you as you explore existence itself.

FORM is now £6.59.

Vector 36

Vector 36

Race across the surface of Mars in an incredible floating vehicle called a Skimmer. Pilot different vehicles as you race on the surface of the red planet. Don’t crash if you want to survive this extraterrestrial racer.

Vector 36 is now only £12.15.


In a medieval world you’re without fancy gadgets and technology, so your best friend is old fashioned stealth tactics. Hide away on rafters and quietly hunt down those that banished you from the Knight’s Order.

Unknightly is now only £9.29.

The Unwelcomed

the unwelcomed

What’s the best thing to do when you’re somewhere you’re not welcome? That’s right, leave. Except that’s a bit more difficult in an escape room scenario. Your late uncle’s mansion is not as cosy as it first seems…

The Unwelcomed is now £7.69.

Cat Sorter VR

Cat Sorter VR Screen_03

What’s the best pet in the world, certifiably much better than dogs? That’s right, it’s cats. In Cat Sorter VR, you’ll be surrounded by the furry fiends and will have to organise your kitty inventory…

Cat Sorter VR is now £3.99.

Show Must Go On

show must go on

Here you’ll feel like a superstar as you jump onto the stage and hit the beat. As you puncture the bubbles you’ll play with and feel the rhythm, and fill your stage with lights and music.

Show Must Go On is now only £5.49.

Galactic Core: The Lost Fleet

galactic core lost fleet

Guide the lost fleet back home with your shooting skills – after you crash land, protect your team and destroy waves of aliens on a mysterious world. Making it home alive is going to require teamwork.

Galactic Core: The Lost Fleet is now £1.43.



Memorize the path forward as quickly as possible to reach the finish, otherwise you’re doomed. Take your time and only step on the right blocks otherwise you will fall, and it’s a long way down.

MIMIC is now £7.40.



Ready to get spooked in VR? Well Reciful is here to give you an experience you won’t soon forget. Everywhere has been plunged it darkness, and you must use your simple torch to move through the world, shoot enemies and survive.

Reciful is now £7.49.

VRZ: Torment

VRZ Torment screenshot 2

Zombies suck. But far more concerning is the news that zombies bite. You don’t want to have to deal with that. As such in VRZ: Torment you’ll be fighting off hordes of the undead with a variety of weapons. Oh, there’s ghosts too.

VRZ: Torment is now £4.31.

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