See Everything VRFocus Did At CES 2018 In Our Video Recap

It feels like we only just got home from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas, or our sleep cycle does, but we saw so many excellent bits of promising technology and new virtual reality (VR) hardware and experiences that we just can’t wait to show you anymore.

We’ve got full recaps of everything we knew before and after CES 2018, Las Vegas, below in video form, where you can see Nina and our other team members hard at work covering everything CES 2018 has to offer for all of you at home. Aren’t we nice?

Nina on the Road: Pre-CES – Vive Pro, Nvidia, Sony and Zeiss in VR

Before CES 2018 even had the chance to begin we were seeing manufacturers and companies reveal loads of new uses for VR technology. Nvidia was using augmented reality (AR) technology in autonomous cars, and built AutoSIM for virtually testing the reactions of autonomous cars. It’s excellent to see the driver-less car future is getting closer every day.

Nina on the Road: CES DAY 1 – Ultrahaptics, vTime and Black Box VR

On day 1 of CES 2018 we see Nina and Peter investigating various booths and stands, including Black Box VR where both Nina and Peter put themselves to the test and sweat a little bit in VR. Also look at Pisoftech’s 8K VR camera, which can create incredibly impressive 360 images with very little effort.

You can also hear the melancholy in Nina’s voice as she discovers her fingernails are a bit too long for one creative VR controller in particular.

Nina on the Road: CES Day 2 – The Power Cut

On day 2 the team once again head out on to the show floor and have loads to see. They were blown away by virtual headphone technology, where you don’t have headphones but it sounds like you do. The looks on their faces say it all. They also look at some fascinating space information with Astroreality, which use AR technology in conjunction with 3D printed models. There was also a chaotic moment with a power cut – in the middle of CES 2018, of all places!

Nina on the Road: CES Day 3 – 8K VR, Augmented Reality in Cars and TPCAST

On day 3 we take a look at Kodak’s brand new cameras and some brand new AR tracking technology for your mobile device. Not just that, we see how AR technology is now being used in cars, and take a look at TPCast foot powered VR controllers.

Nina on the Road: CES Day 4 – VR Gloves, Healthcare, Art, Holograms and Training

On day 4 Nina goes even deeper into VR once again, by looking at Serious VR, Tree Tech, Ikonospace and more. The new glove-like VR controllers are fascinating, and the variety of VR videogames and software and very promising. Timescope is also featured, which claim to be The Ultimate Time Travel Experience. Well, until we can actually travel through time, at least.

VRFocus: Post-CES Highlights

And finally we come to our Post-CES highlights, where we recap a little bit of everything we saw from across the show and put together our favourite moments. We saw so much at CES 2018, but what would you say is the most interesting piece of technology we saw at the show? Let us know in the comments below, and for all of the CES and event coverage you want on VR technology, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.