SceneCam Night To Day Cameras Get £1.2 Million Investment From L&M Survey Services

The future is looking bright for virtual reality (VR) capable cameras, as L&M Survey Services has announced a £1.2 million GBP investment in SceneCam Cameras and SceneCenter 2.0 content management software.

Naturally, L&M Survey are looking to ultilise the technology in their own ventures. The investment will provide L&M Survey clients with night to day visual mapping services thanks to their high dynamic range (HDR) cameras.

SceneCam’s camera technology can be applied to a massive number of different use cases, such as VR content capturing, photogrammetry and documentation.

We’ve seen VR and augmented reality (AR) technology being applied to health and training before, and L&M Survey’s clients will also be able to use the new technology to improve the health and safety of their employees on sites. Employees will be able to familiarise themselves with site access points and conditions from the safety of their desks, potentially saving a lot of employees from having to travel out to sites in dark or dangerous conditions.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen investment in UK VR and AR technologies. We saw a big £1.3 million GBP investment in Immotion late last year, a VR and AR startup which looks to bring people new VR experiences.

L&M Survey Services’ commercial director Alasdair Kirkwood has said of the investment; “Our initial decision to invest in SpheronVR technology came largely from the benefits we immediately saw in reducing risk for our own staff on site. We today view this technology, particularly in our primary area of expertise, rail surveying, as the biggest single contribution to rail staff safety since the invention of Hi-Vis: it allows our survey teams, our clients and their partners to visit the sites, familiarise themselves with the site access points and track conditions from their desks, before they try to find, park and access in the middle of the night.”

The investment has secured some essential new tools and enhancements for L&M Survey’s current clients, and sure to attract more. We’re seeing VR and AR technologies being applied to a greater range of industries every day, and these investments can only mean a larger and more mainstream VR industry for both businesses and consumers in the future. For all of the latest news, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.