Practice Those Racing Lines as Sprint Vector Weekly Challenges Begin

The biggest virtual reality (VR) release this month has to be Survios’ Sprint Vector, seeing a multiplatform launch and widespread acclaim. The studio isn’t resting on its laurels however, launching the first set of Weekly Challenges to players, encouraging them to set top times or collect coins on particular tracks.

Sprint Vector Challenge Dates

Beginning yesterday, the challenges are open to anyone who owns Sprint Vector, it does matter if you’re on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. While the challenges enable top players to show off their skills to Survios and the rest of the Sprint Vector global community there is a bigger prize in store. For those that are victorious they’ll be able to participate in Mr. E’s Master League, an upcoming community competition. Additionally, on the official Survios Discord players will also earn exclusive Vectorhead flair and an invite to a private “winner’s circle” channel.

The first challenge is an easy one, simply race your way through the Termination solo challenge map on Time Trial mode in under 1:15 to qualify. Once that time has been beaten submit the official entry using this form. Entries must be submitted by Sunday, 18th February, at 11:59pm PST and are limited to one per player. If you happen to beat your time after entering a submission don’t fret: you can update your existing submission with it.

If you’re not successful on the first challenge there will be plenty more coming, just remember that each new challenge will add to the difficulty, so practice makes perfect.

Sprint Vector Final screenshot2

If you’ve managed to miss all of VRFocus’ coverage then how about a quick reminder. Sprint Vector moves away from Raw Data and first-person shooters (FPS), switching to a more competitive e-sports genre where players are pitted against one another in heart-thumping obstacle races. Up to up to eight players can take part in this high-octane intergalactic game show which features both competitive multiplayer and customizable solo racing across 12 courses, each one packed alternate routes and power-ups galore to use against the competition.

VRFocus liked Sprint Vector giving a full five-stars in our review. For any further updates from Survios, keep reading VRFocus.