oVRshot Shoots On To Steam Early Access With Competitive Multiplayer Action

Virtual reality (VR) is a ripe space for competitive multiplayer videogames. While traditional competitive videogames are still having debates about how mouse accuracy changes cross-platform multiplayer, or which 3D headphones give the best and most accurate player positioning, in VR aiming is as simple as moving your arms and your head. Your reactions in-game are equal to your reactions in real life – perfect for the most heated of competitions. Now, the next competitive multiplayer title that hopes to win a brand new audience of players in oVRshot.

ovrshot 1

In oVRshot you’ll be competing in 3v3 matches against other players online. Using only bows and shields, alongside a host of powerful abilities, you must take control of the arena in a King of the Hill mode where players capture a point on the map.

In the trailer for the videogame below we see players fight against one another, shooting bows and hiding behind cover in order to hide from the opponents. The neon lit cityscape in the background and intense soundtrack make for a memorable experience, and different types of arrows to shoot change up the gameplay.

While it only has King of the Hill currently, there are two types of that mode available, with one offering a standard PVP experience, and another that turns all of your arrows into instant death dealers, meaning players must be cautious about how they engage the enemy.

The VR videogame is due to launch on Steam Early Access on March 9th 2018, where the developer, Window Licker Games, hope that players will share their feedback to help make oVRshot into a comfortable experience that players enjoy.

Eventually the videogame will feature 6 maps, two modes and online leaderboards. It’s certainly interesting to see another VR videogame try and take on the competitive gamers of the world, and it’ll be even more interesting to see how the community around the game will develop.

You can see more of the new VR videogame in the trailer below. If you’re interested in oVRshot, you can take a look at the Steam Store page here. oVRshot will be compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, so no matter which mainstream high-end head-mounted display (HMD) you have, you won’t be getting left out of the multiplayer action. For all of the latest news on VR gaming, stay on VRFocus.