Noitom’s Mocap Hardware Perception Neuron 2.0 Released, Better Than 1.0 At The Same Price

New accessories will keep the hardware future proof.

Being able to capture believable, lifelike motions in 3D dimensions with 3D models is a difficult task. For all the proof you need of that, look at modern videogames that can still sometimes struggle to get it right. But in virtual reality (VR) it’s even more important than ever – if you’re going to be immersed in a virtual world, you need to believe the characters around you are real, and still motions aren’t going to help things. Luckily, we have companies like Noitom creating motion capture equipment that’s both effective and affordable.

noitom perception

Last year at CES 2017 Noitom partnered with HTC Vive on motion capture gloves. Now the equipment will be more responsive and accurate than ever before, but launching at the same price as its previous iteration.

Noitom are more than just motion capture technology though, as we’ve also seen them create Alice Space, a space exploration VR application with good uses for education.

The technology is sure to please 3D animators, filmmakers and videogame developers, as making simple 3D animations for use within their software will be easier than ever. The new Perception Neuron 2.0 has a new mount and snap locking mechanism, which allows easy connectivity to the range of new accessories available for the device.

Noitom want to make the device “future proof”. Instead of releasing multiple versions of the same product from now on, they hope that the range of available accessories will instead enable the device to stay competitive on the market for a long time to come, offering users affordable solutions to what they need, instead of forcing purchase of completely new equipment.

Noitom’s CTO, Tristan Dai, shows his enthusiasm for the new product and Noitom’s future; “We know that many of our users are excited about this and so are we. Introducing the Neuron Mocap Ecosystem is a big step for us—and for our users too. They will now have a family of Perception Neuron mocap accessories that will allow them to easily upgrade their kits and improve on their work over time. With the development of 2.0, we took the feedback they have shared with us over the years into thoughtful consideration to give them the best motion capture experience possible. This marks a major milestone for us and it’s just the beginning of the expansion of our ecosystem, so much more is yet to come.”

To see prices for yourself, take a look at Noitom’s store page. It’s promising for the future of motion capture technology, and we can only hope that other companies follow suit and offer affordable, competitive alternatives. When we hear about new technology, you’ll read about it on VRFocus.

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