New Zealand’s Massey University Joins VR Partnership

As immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) grow and mature, along with their associated industries, demand grows for academic institutions to provide the necessary research and education in order to continue its growth and development.

The prestigious Massey University School of Design in New Zealand has announced a strategic partnership with the New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc (NZVRARA) in order to support the quickly growing New Zealand VR and mixed reality (MR) sector.

Massey University’s Professor Brian Lucid is the head of the School of Design and also a founding board member of the NZVRARA and has been a crucial part of creating the partnership. Professor Lucid was previously involved in setting up a specialised VR/AR room at Massey University’s Wellington Campus.

Professor Lucid is one of several experts and academics who are predicting that the immersive technology sector will expand greatly before the end of this decade: “The mixed and virtual reality industry in New Zealand is estimated to double within two years,” Professor Lucid says.

The School of Design is committed to building expertise in story-telling and content creation for immersive technologies to ensure that New Zealand has the capacity and capability to remain a leading force in this sector.” Professor Lucid continues, “Our partnership with the NZVRARA not only supports educational and student initiatives, but builds stronger connections between student and faculty research, industry partners and sector members.”

The NZVRARA has indicated that it is looking forward to the future of the partnership and the possibility of building closer relationships with staff and students as well as the chance to develop links with New Zealand-based corporations.

Association Chair Michael Gregg said: “Connecting with Massey University at this level sends a strong signal of our intentions to play an active role in cultivating a strong VR-capable graduate community to provide a skilled workforce for burgeoning New Zealand-based cross reality (XR) businesses to employ, as well as creating the next wave of start-ups.”

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