New Tool AfterNow Prez Allows You To Craft AR Presentations Using Microsoft HoloLens

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can be used for so much more than videogames and industrial applications – you can make your own presentations and creations utilising the new technologies, to turn your presentations into the most memorable presentations your clients and business partners are likely to see. That’s the thinking behind AfterNow Prez, the new software tool that will make it easy to create memorable, powerful and impactful presentations using Microsoft HoloLens.

Designed for sales demos, marketing engagements, hands on tutorials and more, users can simply upload 3D models, images and videos, and then physically place in the real world with the HoloLens technology. Users can sequence scenes in their presenations and apply transitions, and viewers can watch the presentations unfold in their real world environment through the AR technology.

We keep seeing more technologies making great use of Microsoft HoloLens and designed creative applications for the head-mounted display (HMD). We’ve seen trainees learning about ultrasound with HoloLens, and Microsoft are continuing the create spaces where developers can create new HoloLens software.

Philippe Lewicki is the captain at AfterNow, and he shares his enthusiasm for their latest software; “We were building augmented reality presentations for Fortune 500 companies and seeing how effective AR presentations were; we decided to reduce the complexity and cost of creating engaging and immersive augmented reality experiences. That’s when we started AfterNow Prez.”

There are three primary use cases that AfterNow Prez is designed for which are;

  • Sales, meetings or pitches
  • Tradeshows and demonstrations
  • Exhibits and showrooms with tour guides

The founder of INSCALE and INSCALE Interactive has also chimed in, sharing his high opinion of AfterNow Prez; “AfterNow Prez is a great opportunity to present in a whole new way. Very intuitive and easy to use! it’s all I ever wanted digital presenting to be!“

Anyone that has ever worked in an office environment or regularly hosts business meetings can already imagine the implications the software has. Business partners can be hard to impress, and fellow employees can sometimes find it difficult to follow long, drawn out presentations. With the new technology, it’ll be easier than ever to create memorable experiences that’ll capture those you’re presenting to. As long as the technology is on hand, in the right hands it can change careers. Should VR or AR technology be modernising any other technology we use every day, you’ll read about it on VRFocus.