New Report into AR & VR In Healthcare Market Released

One of the biggest areas of growth and development for virtual reality (VR) and its related technology has been healthcare. The use of VR as well as mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) for medical training, surgery and therapy has seen a meteoric rise in the past few years. A new report by VisionGain has now bee released aiming to forecast the future of the sector.

A number of significant use-cases for VR and other immersive technologies has emerged recently, covering a variety of different areas of medicine. 

Surgeons at Imperial College London have begun to use MR technology such as the Microsoft HoloLens to assist in complex surgical procedures, allowing doctors to see previously taken images, such as CT scans, overlaid on the patient, allowing for faster and safer procedures.

In addition, VR technology has seen use in therapeutic settings, with doctors prescribing specially designed VR headsets that can help patients overcome pain with ‘distraction therapy’, or use custom apps to overcome addictions and phobias.

VisionGain is a research centre and information portal for industry who use a variety of research metrics, utilising interviews, surveys and figures pulled from in-house databases to produce information that can track industry trends.

The latest report from VisionGain covers a forecast period of ten years, going considerably further than most industry predictions. The report, titled, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in Healthcare market covers areas such as hardware, software, rehabilitation, diagnostics, pain distraction, training and medical education and surgery.

The report aims to offer a comprehensive forecast of a period between 2018 and 2028, covering Europe, North America, China and the Asia Pacific and South America.

The report is available through the VisionGain website, where licenses for access are priced between £2699 (GBP) for a Single User license to £6999 for a Global Site license including free data sets.

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