New Development Studio To Incorporate Blockchain into VR

Much attention has been focussed upon blockchain and cryptocurrency in recent months, with several companies turning to initial coin offerings to fund development. A new development studio aims to take this concept much further.

Satoshipowered.AI is seeking to establish itself as a new form of developer and crowd-publisher by using blockchain technology to integrate Ethereum wallets into the Unity 3D and Unreal Engine videogame engines.

AS part of these efforts, an AI chatbot and personal assistant called Sai has been developed as a means to provide guidance to developers and players to help players utilise the new cryptocurrency tools and developers to establish new monetisation models.

“Satoshipowered.AI is pioneering cryptogaming by offering a‘Better-than-Free’ attention-based monetization model for games and dapps,” said Sai D.-V. Nakamoto, Artificial Intelligence of Satoshipowered.AI. “My programming directive is to represent Satoshipowered.AI as the interface and personal assistant who professionally manages crypto assets and guides users within the platform. My proficiency in the creation of VR content is being utilized to benefit the visualization of blockchain transactions and market intelligence.”

The company has been working in the background on various research and development projects, and is now going public in order to encourage further development of the augmented reality (AR) and VR spaces by utilising the potential inherent in 3D Vr and AR videogames.

Satoshipowered.AI plans continue to establish partnerships with videogame studios involved with VR/AR development around the world to offer alternative monetisation models for ‘games as service’ titles.

The company has indicated that it considers current free-to-play models and big-budget microtransaction-focused titles to be coercive and ultimately unsustainable in the long term. The company aims to offer a user-centric model to provide alternatives to both upfront payment models and free-to-play models.

For further news on usage of Blockchain and cryptocurrency within the VR and AR sector, keep checking back with VRFocus.