ModBox Introduces Unity-Like Visual Scripting

At its launch, the HTC Vive became a popular platform for those who wishes to explore their creativity. One such arena for this was ModBox, a physics sandbox videogame. The developers behind ModBox have now announced the introduction of a new visual scripting system.

While much was possible with ModBox right from launch, the new visual scripting system will bring a simple sandbox system towards something much more like the Unity videogame engine, only specifically focussed on virtual reality (VR) creation.

The new ModBox visual scripting system has been designed by the developers to resemble Unity, only much simplified, and always online. An upcoming update will also allow one user to edit or update within the Desktop environment whilst another player is within VR.

The entire ModBox experience has been rewritten in the past few months, according to developer Vermulen. This was in order to make everything more accessible for the visual scripting system and make it powerful enough to allow for any game modes.

The developer has been keen to receive feedback on ModBox as a whole and the visual scripting feature specifically, especially with regards to technical language that will not always be obvious to non-programmers. The main developer has also said that modders are welcome to add in new features that have not yet been implemented using ModboxSDK and C#.

ModBox was reviewed by VRFocus when it was initially launched, where it received a mostly favourable review, saying: “With its mix of creative building options, engaging control options and a mixture of gameplay styles ModBox has a bit of something for everyone. Being able to spend hours creating mini-games or just playing what everyone else has thought of, there’s just so many ways to engage with Alientrap’s videogame.”

Further information can be found on the ModBox Steam store page. ModBox is still in Early Access, and is available to buy for £10.99 (GBP). VRFocus will continue to inform you on new upgrades and features for VR titles.