Microsoft Worker Confirms New Version of HoloLens In Development

There have already been some indications that a new version of Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) headset will be undergoing significant revision, but this has now been confirmed thanks to a blog post.

On LinkedIn, Alex Kipman, part of the Operating System Group at Microsoft wrote an extensive blog post talking about what developments can be expected with regards to the future of MR and related technologies.

direct reality hololens

The blog post confirms that a new version of the HoloLens is being worked on. Furthermore, it will incorporate custom chips that will use Artificial Intelligence as part of its Holographic Processing Unit, or HPU in order to allow the HoloLens to better perceive the environment around the user. The aim is to utilised cloud-based computing to allow cloud-assisted A.I. to understand the shape and placement of physical objects to allow for more immersive experiences.

One of the persistent themes in the blog post was the idea of ‘presence’. Kipman points out that much of his family lives in Brazil, while he lives and works in the USA, so the idea of using MR to bridge those miles and allow for a more in-depth form of communication that allows for body language and intonation to come across is very appealing to him personally.

Kipman also says that there is much value to be found in using MR technology to create and collaborate with other people, as it allows for a more complete, spatial understanding.

The blog post mentions the previous work done with AltspaceVR and promises that more projects in this area are forthcoming and will begin to be demonstrated in the next few months.


There is still no confirmation on what the specifications, release date or price point of a new HoloLens system will be, but it is now clear that a revision of the headset is definitely on its way.

Further news about the HoloLens and Microsoft’s other work in the immersive sector will be here on VRFocus.