Meta Adds SOLIDWORKS Integration to View 3D CAD models in AR

Augmented reality (AR) headset manufacturer Meta has announced new integration with Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS applications, allowing users to 3D CAD models in AR.

Meta-Solidworks Motorcycle2

First revealed by Suchit Jain, vice president of strategy and business development for Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS brand, during a keynote session at SOLIDWORKS World in Los Angeles, the session that also featured a live demonstration of Meta’s and SOLIDWORKS’s new AR capabilities.

SOLIDWORKS “Publish to Xtended Reality” option will allow users to export a CAD model from SOLIDWORKS to a customized version of an open-source format known as “glTF.” Once this in done it can be viewed via Meta’s Model Viewer platform in the Meta 2 Development Kit headset.

“Collaboration through augmented reality is the next step in the natural evolution of 3D design authoring,” said Kishore Boyalakuntla, vice president, product portfolio management and SOLIDWORKS brand UX leader, SOLIDWORKS, Dassault Systèmes in a statement. “With Meta extending new AR features, designers across the product life cycle – from concept to prototype to manufacturing – will benefit significantly from this partnership.”

Using the Meta 2 Development Kit users are able to grab, move, and scale photorealistic 3D CAD files, enhancing the 3D design and presentation process.

“Support for 3D CAD viewing is important to our customers, and for the growth of the AR market,” said Joe Mikhail, chief revenue officer of Meta. “With this new SOLIDWORKS integration, our mutual customers will drive tangible business value from their existing SOLIDWORKS models. And for our developers, this technology will enable them to create more immersive, realistic and transformative AR experiences in the blink of an eye.”

Meta began shipping the Meta 2 in late 2016, with the development kit available to order from Meta’s website, or later this month through Dell for for $1,495 USD. Initial access to the private beta program will be by invitation only. Those interested in participating can find more details here. For further updates from Meta, keep reading VRFocus.