Meet Meep, Mindshow’s Latest Character

Mindshow lets users make animated movies in virtual reality (VR) by using their voice, body and some creative thinking. The latest addition to the show is Meep, an alien who even brought along their flying saucer.

Mindshow Meet Meep

Thanks to the technology available from VR programs like Mindshow are able to transform motion and tracking data to give users a complete animation suite right in their home. What would normally require countless hours of hard work and high costs is now streamlined into an accessible concept. With the addition of Meep, Mindshow continues to grow it’s cast of available cartoon characters and assets for user to bring any story or joke to life.

Alongside Meep joining the cast of Mindshow, a new feature is being added as well to give users the chance to use vertical video. Currently a prototype, the camera orientation can be adjusted by squeezing the grip buttons once to freeze the camera in its place, then doing so again over the left side of the camera frame. This will allow for more creation possibilities when designing animations and even for exporting work. As users can link to their YouTube accounts to share finished work or work-in-progress animations, the new vertical video feature will offer a chance for users to focus on mobile devices as their target viewing platform.

Mindshow Improvatar 3

With the inclusion of Meep, Mindshow will be hosting their third Improvatar competition later on today, Friday 23rd. Every episode of the Improvatar competition challenges viewers to remix three shows for a chance to win a $25 USD Steam gift card. For this third round of Improvatar users have until the night of Sunday 25th to complete their entries. The winners will then be complied together and shown off on Mindshow’s YouTube channel. Mindshow has been able to build up a loyal community and the Improvatar competition looks to be set to continue for sometime.

Mindshow is available as a free download on Steam and is currently in early access. Though only supporting the HTC Vive at the moment, compatibility with the Oculus Rift is expect to be added to the game in a future update.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Mindshow as it becomes available.