Mastering the art of Archery Playing Solfar Studios’ In Death

VRFocus is quite found of virtual reality (VR) titles that use more traditional weapons like the bow and arrow. There’s something far more engaging about the whole experience over using guns – shotguns are still fun to use – having to draw the bow, gauging power and adjusting the angle for those distance shots. If you also enjoy the odd bit of archery then Solfar Studios’ latest title, In Death, might well be to your liking, and to showcase the videogame in all its glory VRFocus has another one of its gameplay videos for you.

In Death is a procedurally generate experience so what you see in the video below won’t be exactly what you’ll play through. All the building design and enemies will be the same, but their locations, numbers, and the actual route will alter with every playthrough.

The title is very much a hardcore survival experience, where you have to make it as far as possible with the loadout and items presented to you. To start with this will be very basic, just a bow, loads of arrows and a shield. As you progress you’ll be able to unlock different arrows, explosive, multi-shot, fire and more. You’ll also be able to build up your health to take on bigger foes and larger hordes. Die however and it’s straight back to the start – there are no checkpoints – but all is not lost. Solfar Studios has implemented and achievements system, so once one is unlocked its permanently available to you. This is needed as each playthrough will become harder as you intern do.

The videogame is all about mastering that bow, getting those vital headshots in when needed. While the weaker enemies will just charge straight at you there will be others that stay back, firing arrows at you. This is good use of the shield and movement system come into play. To learn more about In Death’s locomotion and what VRFocus thought about the title read our in-depth preview for more details.

As always, VRFocus will be continuing its coverage of In Depth as development continues in Early Access, so come back for further updates.