Light Sail VR Brings the Horror with Speak of the Devil

Virtual reality (VR) offers a number of new ways to innovate on old concepts in order to get users more immersed in an experience. VR content studio Light Sail VR are experimenting with the idea of Choose Your Own Adventure stories by bringing the concept into VR.

Light Sail VR will soon be launching its first original IP with interactive horror experience titled Speak of the Devil. Users will be able to control the narrative in an effort to find the correct path to survive the events that take place.

Speak Of The Devil

Filmed using a GoPro Odyssey using real actors, users will find themselves in a camp ground in a remote forest. Engaging in conversation with another couple named Lindsey and Brian will reveal that they are planning on engaging in research for Lindsey’s PhD thesis. As the woods are explored, Lindsey’s interest in the supernatural uncovers a dark force that should perhaps have been left undisturbed, resulting in demonic forces awakening within the forest.

The script was written by Matthew Celia, Light Sail VR’s co founder and Creative Director, who collaborated closely with Executive Producer and fellow co-founder Robert Watts in order to create the interconnected narrative paths. Users have twelve ways to meet a grisly end, but only one real way out.

Speak of the Devil was developed in association with Google’s Jumpstart program, which allows small or independent filmmakers and content creators to access professional-grade production resources in order to produce high-quality VR experiences.

The VR experience will be available for Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream, where it will be priced at $2.99 (USD). Light Sail VR are also planning on releasing the title for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, though a release date and price point has not yet been confirmed.

Speak Of The Devil

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