Life In 360°: Water & Steel In Portugal

Back at the beginning of the week we featured AirPano on Life In 360°, a project which has been created by a team of Russian photographers with the goal of creating both high-resolution aerial photos and video in 360 degrees.  Then we showed you the slightly crazy, in hindsight, decision of the AirPano team to strap a 360 degree camera to a helicopter and then fly the helicopter over a volcano. Did I mention the volcano was erupting? Because it was.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoWe’re back with them today for a trip, not to Russia but to Portugal for two videos available in up to 5K. The first takes us to Porto, which is actually where the country as a whole gets its name – “Condado Portucalense”, or Country of Portucale, with Portus Cale being the latin name for Porto.  It’s also, where unsurprisingly now you think about it, port wine comes from.  A coastal city of medieval origins, the first video from AirPano is a drone flight down the Douro river, taking in the riverside activities and some of the architecture. That also includes the Dom Luís bridge, which was actually designed by Gustave Eiffel – a man famed for a certain tower in Paris.

Video number two has us flying over yet more water and bridges, this time in the capital city of Lisbon. Take in the sun shining off the Tagus River, which is the largest in the region. The estuary stretching up to a massive 14 kilometres wide. Which, according to a factsheet on the region, would apparently “be large enough to contain all the warships in the world”. But not something you’d particularly want to open your curtains to in the morning.  Lisbon is a mix of old and new, reflected in the video where along with the Vasco da Gama Bridge, which is the longest bridge (at 12.3 kilometres) in the Europe. That also includes any aqueducts, one of which you’ll also fly over.

We will, no doubt, check out some more videos from AirPano down the line, considering their variety and frequency. As for what is coming next Monday however? Well you’ll have to wait and see there.  Join VRFocus then as the usual time for another trip into a world of 360 degrees.