Life In 360°: Reindeer In Scotland? Absolutely.

Earlier in the week we took a trip to Scotland, not much of a jaunt for us at VRFocus, for a Life In 360° courtesy of the team at Biome Productions where we looked at the first episode of their two-part series Wild Tour: The Cairngorms.  In which presenter Sophie Pavelle acts as your guide for a 360 degree look at the full range of amazing environments that you can fine in North East Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park.

Wild Tour: The CairngormsAs you may have surmised today we’re going to be enjoying the second half of that series.

Biome Productions themselves are a 360° natural history production house which is based in the English city of Bristol that likes to focus on the wonders of the world around us, as the studio explains: “We wholeheartedly believe that the most emotive and visually stunning stories are told by nature itself. By immersing our viewers in the world’s wildest places our films entertain, educate and inspire viewers to understand and connect with the natural world.”

The studio also had a lot to say about why it chooses VR.

“Whilst experiencing nature first hand is irreplaceable, our modern lives can leave us feeling distanced from the natural world. With this alienation at a time when the world’s wildlife needs us the most, we at Biome feel it’s our duty to develop new ways to tell wildlife stories, push conservation issues into the spotlight and inspire the next generation of nature lovers. What better way to help people care about an issue than transporting them straight to the frontline?”

Biome Productions“That’s why we use virtual reality (VR). To establish an emotional connection with wildlife we need to feel present in an environment and meet our wild character face to face. Through this emotive medium we can engrain an outlook of delight, wonder and respect for our planet. VR can help write the narrative that defines our relationship with the natural world.”

Part two shows even more of the lands that make up The Cairngorms, including the mountainous areas and Pavelle gets us up close and personal with a roaming reindeer heard that calls the National Park its home.