Life In 360°: …Just As Phony As It Can Be

A rarity indeed on VRFocus, in particular when dealing with the Life in 360 series of posts is when we cover an initial video and actually come back to it specifically down the line. That’s not to say we don’t revisit various series done by the same creator. If the NBA release a 360 degree video and we cover it that doesn’t rule out other videos from them in the future. To back to a specific video though only happens when more information comes to light about the video, the experience, etc that warrants a second look at a topic.

The Greatest Showman - ScreenshotThat is however what we’re doing today with a second look into the virtual reality (VR) support given to the 20th Century Fox film The Greatest Showman, a musical which stars Hugh Jackman in the much-anticipated role showman and circus impresario P.T. Barnum.  We first looked at the film back in December last year, when Pasadena based production house SunnyBoy Entertainment gave us a look behind the scenes (in 360 degrees) at how one of the signature pieces of the film – the song Come Alive.

That was then though and now that the film has hit cinemas SunnyBoy Entertainment have returned with another behind the scenes. This one being more tech oriented and discussing why they turned to immersive technology in the first place to have, as they put it, “the ultimate backstage pass”.

The crew discuss integrating 360 degrees into their plans and how pleased the various stakeholders were with things.  Jackman himself seemed pretty enthralled by it and they show a small snippet of a Twitter video he posted back in November when he was trying it out on the Samsung Gear VR.

You can check it all out in the video below. VRFocus will be back on Friday with another edition of Life In 360° when we will be completing a tale that we began on Monday.