Life In 360°: Cloud On The Ground

Monday begins as always- well, if we ignore the news about Mapbox AR earlier which was embargoed at the somewhat unusual time of 8AM on a Monday- with our first visit of the week into the world of 360 degree video. Now we’ve had quite the mix of videos in recent weeks, and plenty of travel to places we don’t often get to tread.

Google Cloud PlatformYes, we’ve obviously delved into one of our favourite subjects again thanks to a trip into outer space care of an educational video from NASA and another more historical one from The Science Channel. But we’ve also gone to Portugal, the wilds of Scotland (on three occasions) and Japan. We’ll be stopping by both Scotland and Japan for some more 360 related items in the next few weeks but for now I wanted us to use this time to take in some places you wouldn’t necessarily think about.

For example… how’s your computer working at the moment? Well, I trust. You’re able to get to VRFocus.com on a daily basis without any issues? Access services on the Cloud for your documents, emails, files and so forth?

Yes, not all services are created equally. As myself and the team will tell you in between muttered curses about OneDrive. Still, have you ever wondered how such services are powered? Where does all this data go? Where does it sit to make things better or faster?  How do workloads and workflows work there?

One of the biggest names to provide such services are, naturally enough, Google. So, for today’s video we’re going to be joining Google as they go behind the scenes with various Google personnel at one of their own data centres.  Not only showing what such a location looks like, but the kind of real life physical security at the centres employed by Google to keep all that data and hardware safe.  Although that being said you might be a tad distracted by thoughts such as ‘wait a minute, is that a climbing wall right up the middle of that office?’

Check it out below. Li360 will be back on Wednesday.