Japanese Trailer For The Inpatient Features Creepy Developer Interviews

We’ve been excited for The Inpatient since its Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) reveal last year. We’ve followed the videogame every step of the way, from theorising that it was related to Supermassive Games’ other title, Until Dawn, to playing the virtual reality (VR) videogame for ourselves. Now the videogame is finally out for everyone to enjoy, and there’s a brand new trailer on the PlayStation Japan YouTube channel which features some interviews with the developers as they talk about their latest VR videogame. You can watch the trailer embedded below.

We received a new teaser trailer for The Inpatient not too long before launch, showing what the player must undergo during their time at the creepy Blackwood Pines Sanatorium.

While the trailer below is on the PlayStation Japan YouTube channel, all of the original interviews were performed in English and their voices remain, so English speaking viewers can watch without concern. There are, of course, Japanese subtitles overlaid for the viewers it is intended for.

As the developers and team at Supermassive Games talk about the videogame in the interview, the edit of the video makes them appear to move quickly and unnaturally, highlighting the creepy tension one should expect from a VR horror experience. In Japan, the videogame is called The Inpatient: Dark Ward.

When previewing the videogame, we said; “The Inpatient looks set to offer an experience completely different to its predecessor Until Dawn – they’re both set in the same universe – a far more tactile tale, where exploring the story is much more key. It might be because of the hospital theme but playing the demo instantly feels very reminiscent of Wilson’s Heart for Oculus Rift and that’s no bad thing. If Supermassive Games can create an engaging storyline and gameplay to go with the impressive visuals then PlayStation VR might have another hit on its hands.”

You can of course see the full trailer below, offering viewers a look behind the scenes at development and giving those not yet able to play the videogame a chance to understand what they can expect. For more on The Inpatient, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.