Hopalong: The Badlands Brings The Wild West To Viveport

Haven’t we all wanted to be in a Western movie? When you disregard the smell, the heat, the disease, how filthy you would likely be at all times, it actually seems like a really cool experience. Well, as long as you’re not the one getting shot. Now you can relive the Western experience in virtual reality (VR) with Hopalong: The Badlands, which you can now get on Viveport.

In the trailer which you can watch below, we see plenty of horse riding and gunslinging action, which intros which a cowboy on a green screen drawing his pistol against the stylised mannequin like cowboys of the Hopalong world.

The videogame’s description describes the movement system in Hopalong: The Badlands as “one of a kind” as you hop, skip and gallop through the Western landscape. The mechanic for galloping is described as waving “your stick horse up and down” so that certainly sounds unique.

You’ll be fighting against the Dynamite Gang, and they’re only wanted dead, not alive. You’ll be shooting down the wooden bandits and fighting bosses riding pigs. As you progress, you’ll be able to earn new stick horses to ride.

There’ll be a variety of weapons too, including the Eight Shooter, Pickaxe, Double-Barrel, Sniper Rifle, Dynamite, Iron Falcon and Brimstone Gun. Needless to say, some of those sound fearsome indeed.

If you’re interested in Hopalong: The Badlands then you’ll want to grab a Viveport subscription, which will give you access to the game and many more on the service. Of course, if you’re new to Viveport, you can start a free trial.

If the screenshot on the videogame’s Viveport page you see a variety of times of day, giving the desert locale a fresh look in each. The experience is built for room scale VR where you stand and shoot at your enemies, so make sure you have room to wave your arms at least.

For more on Hopalong: The Badlands, check out the trailer below. If you want more gunslinging experiences to make you feel like John Wayne or John Wick in VR, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.