Hold on Tight as Paragliding is Going Virtual With ParadropVR

Location-based virtual reality (VR) reality is becoming big business, whether its through small independent VR arcades, theme parks employing VR on roller coasters, branded VR attractions or full warehouse sized VR experiences. Each of them uses VR in slightly different ways, all with the aim of making the experience as immersive as possible. The latest that the public will be able to experience this year comes from Frontgrid, a specialist in global leisure and attractions, in the form of ParadropVR.

ParadropVR image

ParadropVR is an immersive VR attraction that simulates flying a paraglider, putting the user fully in control of the gameplay and movement using realistic inputs based on paragliders. The simulator features up and down motion that incorporates sudden drops and smooth deceleration to create a realistic feeling of gliding through the skies.

Debuting at the Euro Attractions Show (EAS) 2017 in Berlin, when participants are strapped into ParadropVR they need to to control their descent back to the ground, making their way through targets to collect as many points as possible.

Frontgrid has designed ParadropVR to be modular, ideal for operation in a wide range of venues such as theme parks, FECs, museums, shopping malls and destination attractions. The first country to get ParadropVR will be Denmark, with  educational amusement park Universe Science Park making the first order. Frontgrid is working with its exclusive UK VR partner Simworx on the attraction which is due to launch in Spring 2018.


The four-person unit is destined to be a key attraction in the VR section of the park allowing spectators to watch all the action with TV screens installed on each unit. A scoreboard will display how well guests have fared on the attraction compared to fellow visitors at the park to add that competitive edge.

Universe Science Park’s COO Jonas Luttermann said in a statement: “We are proud to bring the world’s first ParadropVR to our park. It will be a key attraction to expand our VR attraction, and we’re sure the fully immersive, physical experience will be mind-blowing for our visitors.”

Check out the new video demonstrating ParadropVR, and for any further updates keep reading VRFocus.