HappyGiant Announces Augmented Reality Greetings Cards For Use With Apple AR Devices

Greetings cards, eh? Who needs them? Once upon a time perhaps a sprinkling of glitter and a paper bow would impress on a special day, but now they just clutter up the place and you’re left wondering how long you’re obliged to leave them up for. Wouldn’t they be so much more interesting with a few augmented reality (AR) features? Damn right they would, and that’s why HappyGiant are introducing new REAL cARds.

REAL cARds are essentially the traditional greetings cards you tolerate, but contained within an AR app so they don’t clutter up your living space. There will even be seasonal updates to the cards, so you can rely on them for more than just Valentine’s Day.

We previously saw HappyGiant release HoloGrid: Monster Battle AR last year, an ARKit enhanced version of their strategy digital board game. Clearly the experience the videogame brought the team has given them the skills and tools they need to build their REAL cARds. HoloGrid: Monster Battle AR allowed players to place digital monsters into the world around them, making the experience more immersive and fascinating than possible with AR features.

HoloGrid: Monster Battle has also released on the Microsoft HoloLens, so the team are clearly adept at developing for a range of AR devices. Instead of monsters and beasts, REAL cARds will include more hearts, teddy bears, flowers and more.

You can download the app for free on compatible iOS devices. You can even send the cards to friends and family without the app, though they only receive a video version of the experience. Definitely less impressive and immersive, but better than nothing.

You’ll be able to choose from multiple different animated card sequences, customise decorations, send to your friends and family, and of course the cards feature 3D animation, music and custom messages, all of which can be viewed in AR.

It’s definitely an interesting concept, and makes us excited at the prospect of being able to customise creations using AR devices. But more than that, the AR technology makes it possible for people to customise messages and convey feelings more than what they may have been able to without the technology. For more news on AR messages and experiences, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.