GORN Gets Even Bigger With Big Things Update

Over-the-top violence and copious amounts of mangled body parts have been the trademark of GORN since it was released. Apparently developer Free Lives and publisher Developer Digital are believers in the concept of ‘Go Big or Go Home’ judging by the upcoming Big Things update.

GORN is ostensibly a gladiator simulator in virtual reality (VR) featuring a suitably ridiculous combat engine that allows players to gleefully, smash, stab, rip or slice opponents to bits in a shower of blood and body parts using a variety of weapons such as knives, axes, maces and bows.

The Big Things update will be the third major update released for the title, and the development team are promising that this update will be the biggest yet. The first addition is a new opponent in the form of tag-team Giant and Mitch. Giant lives up to his name, while Mitch is smaller, but also quicker and sneakier, making them a pairing sure to prove a challenge to even experiences gladiators. Players will also be able to access new weapons, all of which are suitably oversized, the Great Axe, Chainblade and Throwing Shield.

The arena itself will be undergoing something of an overhaul as well, with a new larger location that offers more room to manoeuvre as well as tricky environmental hazards that can be used to the player’s advantage if they are careful.

Other new additions include a new crossbow companion and a Nightmare difficulty mode for those really wanting to push themselves. For those who are concerned about the effect of all this ultraviolence might have on impressionable minds, a Low Violence mode will also be made available in the new update.

Until Monday 26th February 2018, GORN will be available at 25% off as part of the Steam Weekend Deal. The Big Things update is available for free to all current GORN players. Further information can be found on the Steam store page.

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