Get Them While They’re hot in Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale

Last week Oculus rolled out a bunch of new deals for Oculus Rift users including several planned free weekends. Now the PC behemoth that is Steam has unleashed its latest sale to rid you of your hard earned money. Termed the Lunar New Year Sale –  for Chinese New Year if you hadn’t realised – there’s plenty of discounts available on new and older virtual reality (VR) titles.

Fallout 4 VR screenshot

Is there a videogame that you’ve been dying to play, your simply found a hole in your library of VR titles that needs filling with a particular genre, well there’s probably going to be something that’ll catch your eye. There’s way too many titles for VRFocus to start listing here so we’ve just chosen a few choice examples that are definitely worth your time and cash.

How about the recently released Sairento VR for example, where you get to be a warrior ninja bouncing all over the shop and cutting down enemies with a hail of bullets or a well placed slice from a Katana. Achieving four-stars in VRFocus’ recent reviewSairento VR is currently discounted by 15 percent, dropping the cost from £22.99 GBP down to £19.54.

Or how about Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 4 VR.  The epic adventure into the post apocalyptic world of the Common Wealth is one of the biggest releases of 2017, gaining a five-star rating from VRFocus, saying: “What Bethesda has done with Fallout 4 VR is create the ultimate Fallout experience.” There’s a 30 percent discount for Fallout 4 VR, bringing the cost down to £27.99 rather than £39.99.

Battlezone image

There’s also VR classic Battlezone from Rebellion. One of VRFocus’ favourite VR videogames, the tank-based combat experience is like Tron dialled up to eleven. As it’s been out for a while there’s a massive 66 percent saving available, reducing the cost from £29.99 to a cheap and cheerful £10.19.

Other titles include: Superhot, GORN, ROM: Extraction, Space Pirate Trainer, Ultrawings, DOOM VFR, Sports Bar VR, I Expect You to Die and many, many more. The Steam Lunar New Year Sale runs from today until 19th February, 2018. As always, VRFocus will endeavour to keep you updated on all of the latest VR deals and sales as they appear.