Fantastic Contraption is Bigger Than Ever With New 2.0 Update

In January 2017, Northway Games and Radial Games announced the Anti-Oppenheimer 1.6.0 for Fantastic Contraption, revealing it would be the last for the puzzle experience. As it turns out that’s not the case, with the developers releasing version 2.0 this week.

Fantastic Contraption ThanksForTheFish

The major addition in the update is its expansion, with the studio’s adding double the levels. In a blog posting Radial Games said: “We’ve put a ton of work into our puzzle-set and have created a whole new “B-Side” playlist for you to enjoy! The game now boasts over 100 levels, smoothing out the introductory learning curve and adding some high-end challenges for those Contraptionistas that find the late-game too easy.”

Every version of Fantastic Contraption is now faster, with version 2.0 improving the experience for PC users with min-spec or below minimum spec PC’s. “What we’ve done in Version 2.0 is merge all of our performance fixes into one master build, states the team. “This means that if you have a computer that is below min-spec on any platform, you should still be able to play without our physics engine grinding your CPU to dust! This also means that if your CPU is heavily loaded with other tasks (Twitch streaming, mixed-reality compositing, etc.) the game will keep chugging along at a comfortable 90+ FPS.”

For those Fantastic Contraption experts that have been playing since day one the new update adds a bunch of new gameplay mechanics on those B-Side levels. Now players have access to Cactuses that destroy bits of contraptions on touch and Balloons that give their Contraption buoyancy to float over Cactuses, gaps, and other challenges. These two additions were in the original version before being cut. Players can access these in the Level Editor as well.

Fantastic Contraption PSVR_1

Lastly, version 2.0 comes with a 33 percent permanent price drop making sure Fantastic Contraption is available for $19.99 USD everywhere. For any further updates from Northway Games or Radial Games, keep reading VRFocus.