Experiencing the Sights and Sounds of Summer Funland

Last week, newly formed indie developer Monad Rock – previously G2A.com’s in-house studio – launched its first virtual reality (VR) title for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, a theme park experience called Summer Funland. Filled with games and attractions, whilst reviewing the title VRFocus captured a gameplay video to showcase a small part of the experience.

Summer Funland

Essentially a selection of mini-games all wrapped up in an amusement park wrapper, Summer Funland has 12 different piece’s of content. These range from rollercoasters where you can just sit back and enjoy the ride, or for something a little more interactive there are shooting galleries or a giant candy world to destroy.

Not wanting to spoil to much of the videogame, VRFocus’ gameplay video takes you through the basics, exploring the rich and vibrant world by teleporting around whilst checking out some of the attractions. First up is the Wild West shooting gallery. Over three rounds you have to shoot whisky bottles, vultures and dangerous outlaws with all pop up in a 2D cardboard fashion.

Then it’s on to one of the main attractions of Summer Funland, and that’s the underwater adventure. Jumping into a submersible, you head down into the watery deep, encountering all sorts of aquatic life, from fish and turtles, to sharks and something a little bigger. This is one of those short experiences that really do showcase the visual quality put into the entire videogame, with great attention to detail both inside the sub as well as the crumbling ruins you’re exploring.

Summer Funland

And that’s your lot in terms of gameplay. Obviously there’s more to explore with Monad Rock hiding a selection of items around the park for you to find. For further details and VRFocus’ opinion, read the review which noted: “Summer Funland may not light the VR world on fire but it provides an enjoyable – if somewhat short – piece of entertainment. If you’ve got kids or want an all-in-one experience to show VR virgins then Summer Funland is an ideal starting point.”

Enjoy the video and for any updates from Monad Rock on Summer Funland or any other VR titles, keep reading VRFocus.