Experience the Battle of the Alamo in VR & AR Next Month

Both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have their own particular uses when it come to education. You can immerse yourself in history, transported to long lost places in time or learn about historical features around you. Alamo Reality, a team of over 25 industry-leading AR and VR professionals, historical scholars, developers, and designers are putting together a project that aims to recreate and teach the public about the famous 1836 Battle of the Alamo. And it’s due to launch next month.

Alamo Church Top View Front

Visitors to San Antonio, Texas this year will be able to head to the famous location and using the Experience Real History: Alamo Edition app, get a detailed look at not only the building but also see into the lives of those that live and fought. The free app for iOS and Android devices aims to provide a historically accurate experience, where users can select different historical layers to see the Alamo in several time periods.

This isn’t just time travel for the eyes either. Visitors will be able to listen to the stories from Texan, Mexican and Native Indian perspectives with modern-day and newly discovered information and artifacts. Adding some fun to the proceedings for the kids, the app will feature a scavenger hunt where players will be able to capture items and keep them in an onscreen satchel.

Alamo Reality screenshot 2

“It’s exciting that people will be able to hold up a phone or tablet and experience the Alamo from 1836 come to life on the very spot where these events happened. Using the power of augmented and virtual reality, visitors will be able to find historical locations hidden by modern construction and see and hear the stories of people who lived through these events,” said Alamo Reality CEO Michael McGar to The Rivard Report. “To tell a story as important as the Alamo’s, we are combining a team of historical scholars with industry-leading augmented and virtual reality visionaries,” Walters said. “The end result will allow participants to explore the legendary siege of the Alamo, inspect the mission grounds, walls, gates, and barracks, and learn about the people who lived and died here in a personal and evocative way.”

As mentioned, the app will be free and should be available in March. There will also be some premium level content including more AR scenes, videos, and stories, which may be accessed for $2.99 USD. For the latest educational uses of AR, keep reading VRFocus.