Exhibit On Swedish Royal Wedding Dresses Goes Virtual

The Swedish Royal Wedding Dresses exhibit has returned and this year it is embracing virtual reality (VR) by letting viewers explore the exhibit in virtual space.

Royal Wedding Dresses Screenshot

Last year the exhibition was organised to honour the 40th wedding anniversary of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Included in the exhibition were a number of royal wedding dresses which included the dresses of Queen Silvia, Princess Lilian, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine and Princess Sofia at the Royal Palace. Now this time around the popular exhibition is viewable in VR.

Thanks to the exhibition behind filmed in both 3D and full 360, the whole exhibition has been recreated in VR with impressive detail. Users will be able to explore at their own pace, get up close to the dressed that are on dress and even take part in guided tours that would be running at the exhibition. The VR app is viewable at the exhibition but is also available via the Oculus store and is available in English. There is a wide selection of photos and videos included in the VR experience from the weddings them self, allow viewers to witness the history of the dresses as it unfolded.

Royal Wedding Dresses Screenshot 2

Helena Chreisti of the Royal Court’s department of public activities talked about the use of VR in the exhibition described stating: “It’s amazing how you can use the technology to help you move in the room and see the details of the wedding dresses.” The use of VR technology is being used as another way for the Royal Place to document the exhibition so that it can be accessible to more viewers and live on beyond just the days that exhibition is on display. The “Royal Wedding Dresses 1976 – 2015” exhibition is running from the Tuesday, 20th February until the Sunday, 4th of March at the Royal Palace of Stockholm in the Rikssalen or Hall of State.

This is not the first time that VR has been used to further the experience of an exhibition. It was also used by David Blandy in The End of the World art exhibition last year and even The Royal Academy of Arts has embraced the technology.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the future applications of VR in exhibitions so remember to stay tuned for more.