Esper: The Collection Goes Hands-on With Oculus Touch Support

It’s been a few years since British developer Coatsink first launched Esper and Esper 2 for Samsung Gear VR. Well received at the time, in 2016 the studio then created Esper: The Collection for Oculus Rift combining both into one neat little package. Coatsink hasn’t forgotten the titles as today they’ve both been brought up to date with an Oculus Touch update.

If Esper: The Collection has passed you by, it’s a single-player experience where you take the role of a test subject who has telekinetic powers. The first title is all about testing these abilities out through a series of lab experiments. While the second greatly expands the story and locations with you now playing a secret agent for an organisation called ESPR, sent on assignment to stop a nasty villain.

Over the years Coatsink has gone from touchpad support on Gear VR, then gamepad support for both Gear VR and Oculus Rift and now finally added motion controller support. Being an experience about telekinetic powers it seems only right that players can now use their hands in a more natural fashion to complete all the various puzzles. For some, playing Esper: The Collection with Oculus Touch might be more nostalgic, while those new to the title may now find it a bit too simple – it was from a time when VR was finding its feet.

Esper 2 was one of the earliest VR titles to feature decent voice acting, with the vocal talents of some well known actors, including Nick Frost (Paul, Shaun of the Dead), Lara Pulver (Sherlock, Spooks) and Sean Pertwee (Dog Soldiers, Gotham), alongside Eric Meyers from the original title.

While the update will be free for those that already own Esper: The Collection, for those that don’t Oculus Store is currently running a discount, pricing the bundle at £7.99 GBP rather than £10.99.

Since the Esper series Coatsink has gone on to create relaxing experience A Night Sky and VRFocus’ five-star rated Augmented Empireboth for Gear VR. As the studio continues to expand its VR portfolio, VRFocus will keep you updated.