Epson Collaborate With ARtGlass, Will Use AR To Bring Us History To Life

The homes of Presidents George Washington and James Monroe will come to life for visitors.

We’ve already seen the immersive power of augmented reality (AR) being used to bring traditional experiences to life. Whether it’s print journalism like TIME or the New York Times adapting to the new technology, or NUSHU brining news and history to life for children, AR is changing the way we immerse ourselves in media. To take things one step further, Epson are collaborating with ARtGlass to make historic sites and monuments in the United States more immersive, educational and interesting than ever before.

Epson Moverio BT-2200

Epson’s Moverio line of AR smart glasses will be the ones powering the new AR experiences. They’re the natural choice for ARtGlass, who are the pioneer for AR storytelling and cultural enhancement software. The new partnership will see landmarks such as George Washington’s Mount Vernon and James Monroe’s Highland.

Greg Werkheiser is ARtGlass co-founder and CEO, and he’s excited to enhance education on culture and history with AR; “When we first launched ARtGlass in Italy, we knew that if we could overcome the challenges of bringing wearable AR tours to the Old World, we’d be ready for the New World. We are thrilled now to help revolutionize cultural tours at U.S. sites.”

Werkheiser continued; “U.S. museums and cultural sites attract more visits annually than pro sporting events and theme parks combined. The future of history is bright.”

You can view a sample of the tour of James Monroe’s Highland embedded below, giving viewers an idea of how AR is implemented into the tour experience. Users will be able to better visualise time period accurate furnishings and rituals through the power of AR, making the tour a far deeper and more educational experience.

Anna Jen is the director of augmented reality solutions at Epson, and she said of the partnership; “From the beginning, it was our intention to deliver real-world, near-term benefits to the public through the Moverio AR smart glasses. ARtGlass software and strategies, coupled with our glasses, will enable millions of visitors to U.S. historic sites to enjoy transformative experiences.”

We’ll have all of the latest news on sites where you can experience Epson’s AR technology and where ARtGlass are enhancing experiences as and when they happen, so to be up to date with the future of technology, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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