Endless Runner Run Dorothy Run Finds the Path to PlayStation VR

A couple of months ago VRFocus reported on indie developer Virtro Entertainment announcing an endless runner for PlayStation VR called Run Dorothy Rundue to launch in December. That didn’t happen, however today the studio has not only confirmed a new launch date but also support for several other headsets.

run dorothy run screenshot1

Run Dorothy Run is a unique twist to the literary classic, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This time the Wizard has broken up with the Wicked Witch of the West, and naturally she’s somewhat annoyed so steals his stuff, runs off, and proceeds to drop all of it across Oz. The Wizard tricks Dorothy into heading out and collecting his belongings, endlessly running through the Emerald Palace, the deserts of Oz and the Witch’s castle, gathering crystals, fighting enemies, and dances through the jeers tossed her way.

“In a very short time frame – essentially only a year since the first wave of consumer-ready VR consoles debuted – we’re seeing the transition from early demo-like VR experiences to longer, more in-depth, and rich storytelling experiences” said Jordan Brighton, Virtro’s Founder and CEO in a statement. “Run Dorothy Run is one of those games that is surprisingly fun to play, in a colourful immersive world, complete with story, motives and three levels of difficulty. We wanted to make a game that would satisfy the most competitive gamer, but still be an amazing first VR experience they can share with family and friends of all ages and gaming experience.

“Of course, we had to address the technical challenges relating specifically to VR development – we’ve had over 1000 participants playtest the game and its mechanics to overcome any potential motion discomfort – but we also spent just as much time crafting the storyline, testing the “jokes” and perfecting the synchronisation of the music.”

run dorothy run screenshot2

Run Dorothy Run is coming to PlayStation VR on 20th February, 2018, priced at $29.99 USD. Virtro Entertainment has confirmed a Steam and Oculus version will also be released by the end of the month. For any further updates on Run Dorothy Run, keep reading VRFocus.