Emaar Entertainment’s VR Park to Include 8 Starbreeze Experiences

Earlier this month VRFocus reported on Emaar Entertainment announcing plans to open a VR Park in the prominent Dubai Mall later this year. Today, Starbreeze AB has revealed that eight of its virtual reality (VR) experiences will be playable, with four of them premiering at the location.

The Dubai Mall is home to 12.1 million sq ft of retail and entertainment opportunities, with the VR Park taking up 75,000 sq ft of space. Combining augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and experiential attractions, VR Park is designed to be a premier location for unforgettable, game-changing experiences, spanning wholly immersive rides and interactive videogames – including an indoor rollercoaster.

The eight VR experiences Starbreeze will have on offer are:

  • The Raft – Developed by RED Games, The Raft is a four-player experience where you’ll board The Raft and defend the swamp against an infestation of supernatural creeps.
  • APE-X – Fight for your freedom atop a towering building while battling bots high above the city Streets. Luckyhammers puts you in the experience as Big Mike, a massive weaponized cybernetic Ape. With 360º of mobility around the peak of the high rise, keep your wits and shuffle around the building’s ledge to avoid falling. You will need to defend yourself and discover the full extent of your capabilities in Big Mike’s cybernetic body as you shoot, blast and swat drones out of the sky.
  • The Mummy Prodigium Strike – Play a pivotal scene from Universal Studios’ 2017 film, The Mummy, as a Prodigium Agent tasked with capturing the ancient princess Ahmanet, while battling hordes of ravens, spiders and undead.
  • PAYDAY: The VR Heist A full bank robber experience, where you’ll get to fight cops and loot vaults through the eyes of a heister.
  • OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead – Outbreak – Step into the world of the Walking Dead where the apocalypse has hit, and Walkers roams the streets. Players will explore an infested hospital and do what they can to survive.
  • Geminose The VR Carousel – An experience for the whole family to introduce you in the world of the Geminose, where Magic, Music and Dance takes place in the Geminose World.
  • Construct – Featuring the exclusive PresenZ movie format, Construct gives a taste of how next generation CGI movies will allow allows visitors to step in to supreme, detailed scenes and explore them, look around corners and come up close to actors and characters.
  • John Wick ChroniclesLets you play as the legendary assassin John Wick.


“We are thrilled to be part of launching the VR Park in Dubai and very happy to have found a partner in Emaar Entertainment that share the same vision and focus as we at Starbreeze do for location-based entertainment in VR,” said Bo Andersson Klint, Starbreeze CEO in a statement. “We have had destination-based entertainment as a focus for our VR initiatives over the past years, and now visitors from all over the world can experience our vision for premium VR content not available at home. We see our participation in the VR Park as a show case for all of our experiences and a must-visit destination for VR enthusiasts and first timers with curious minds alike”.

Damien Latham, Chief Executive Officer of Emaar Entertainment, adds: “VR Park is the latest revolutionary experience to be delivered by Emaar Entertainment, as we continue to propel the leisure and entertainment (L&E) sector into the future and reinforce Dubai’s position as a pioneering entertainment destination. Partnering with leading technology and content providers such as Starbreeze enhances our ability to deliver unprecedented entertainment experiences and push the boundaries of innovation for the industry, creating an ultimate destination for leisure and entertainment in the Middle East.”

The VR Park in Dubai Mall will open on 1st March 2018. The majority of the experiences will be available to play on StarVR. For any further updates from Starbreeze, keep reading VRFocus.