E McNeill’s Skylight Makes its way to Oculus Home

Indie developer E McNeill is known for creating seemingly simple, yet deceptively challenging virtual reality (VR) titles, having three to his name already, Darknet, Tactera and Skylight. All of them have been released on Samsung Gear VR first, before then being ported to other headsets. Skylight is the latest to get this treatment, arriving on Oculus Home today with full Oculus Touch support.

Skylight screenshot 2

Skylight first launched for Oculus Rift in December via Steam, supporting HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets as well. The title is a strategy experience where you controller a fleet of spaceships via a holographic projector, with each mission pitting you against an ever growing armada of hostile forces. At your command are nimble squadrons of fighters, specialised frigates, and giant capital ships, each with their own particular role to play.

While the visual quality looks pretty much unchanged from the Gear VR version, the PC videogame features as Deluxe Edition features new missions and ships, for a total of 15 unique ship types. The single-player campaign includes 36 missions to play through plus a skirmish mode for you to customise your own battles. Skylight also includes a multiplayer mode to play against your friends or a stranger. A unique feature of the multiplayer is that it’s turn-based, so you don’t need to be online at the same time as your opponent. You can input your fleet’s orders on your own time and come back to continue playing the match later on.

VRFocus reviewed the Gear VR version giving it a full five-stars, saying: “E McNeill has shown once again that he knows what he’s doing when making a mobile VR videogame. It may not feature in your face action, but it doesn’t need to, as Skylight has been perfectly formulated with engaging gameplay, quirky visuals and hours of entertainment.”

Skylight - SS6

On Oculus Home you can pickup Skylight for £10.99 GBP or it’s available on Steam for £11.39. There’s also a VR Bundle on Steam where you can get all three of E McNeill’s videogames for £22.29, saving 34 percent off their combined price. For any further updates from the developer keep reading VRFocus.