Discounts Galore as Oculus Introduces 4 Discount Bundles and February Free Weekends

Just because its not Christmas or Summer doesn’t mean its not a good time to have a sale – especially as most of you will have been recently paid – and Oculus knows this. So beginning today and running through to March there are four big bundle offers available to build your content library. If that wasn’t enough the next three weekends will feature one free videogame to demo.

Arktika.1 screenshot 1

Each bundle is split into a different themed pack featuring five titles. The bundles are as follows:


While Oculus hasn’t stipulated in its blog specifically, all the bundles feature the dynamic pricing launched in 2017. This means that should you already own one or more of the videogames the pack price will be reduced accordingly. All these curated deals expire at 9:59 am PT on 9th March 2018, so there’s plenty of time to decide on what you want.

Like a freebie (of sorts)? Well this weekend begins a trio of free demo weekends, where players can tryout one specific title. Starting this weekend and running through to 11:59 pm PT on 11th February (8:00am GMT 12th Feb) you can play Eleven: Table Tennis VR. The other weekends will feature magical dueling title Wands and multiplayer shooter EVE: Valkyrie. 

For any further updates to the latest offers from Oculus, keep reading VRFocus.