Delve into the Deep When Operation Apex Arrives on Oculus Rift Next Week

Sharks don’t particularly have a good reputation – especially Great White sharks – mainly due to how they’re portrayed in the media. Aiming to challenge this misconception is Curiscope and Vive Studios with Operation Apex taking you beneath the waves to look for the largest Great White ever seen. Launched in December 2017 for HTC Vive, Curiscope will be releasing a new update later this month adding Oculus Rift support.

Operation Apex

In just over a weeks time Oculus Rift owners will be able to explore Curiscope’s underwater VR adventure with full support for Oculus Touch. Operation Apex’s story revolves around you playing a citizen scientist, who takes control of a research rig in order to learn about the current state of the oceans. As you do so you observe a massive Great White Shark, following the animal to learn more. Operation Apex isn’t just about sharks, with plenty of other sea creatures to find and learn about.

The 1.1 update doesn’t just add Oculus Rift support, the studio has added plenty of other additions. The next big feature is Free Roam, opening up the entire experience so you can wander at your leisure. Thus allowing you to return to previous levels whilst accumulating mimics. All explorable outside of the main narrative.

Comfort mode can now be toggled on and off, enabling the vignetting to be removed – handy if you’re recording a video. Smaller additions include Cloud saving on Steam, Chinese language support, and various graphical improvements and bug fixes.

Operation Apex will be one of the few Vive Studios titles to make it to Oculus Rift, the others being Arcade Saga, developed by 2 Bears Studio and Beamz Interactive’s Jam Studio VR. As Curiscope continues to expand its content library of VR titles VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest announcements.