CryptoHunt Aims To Mix Cryptocurrency With Augmented Reality

Those interested in a new way to earn some extra Cryptocurrency will be pleased to know that it is getting the gamification treatment with CryptoHunt

CryptoHunt 01

CryptoHunt is a location based augmented reality (AR) videogame that is designed to make the act of farming Cryptocurrency a more social and fun activity. By using a similar setup to that of Pokémon Go, players will be able to walk about, earning real value coins as they explore, hunt and solve riddles to collect the CryptoHunt tokens. By using trivia as a gameplay mechanic, CryptoHunt hopes to encourage players to work together to complete tasks and earn rewards together. The videogame approach to Cryptocurrency is aiming to make a more accessible front meaning both those who are passionate Cryptocurrency and those who are just starting out will be able to enjoy the title together, play together and learn as they go.

A demo for CryptoHunt allows users on both iOS and Android to create an account and start exploring the title in real time. This is designed to give both players and investors a chance to look at the quality of the product and become familiar with its location based AR functionality before a final release. Additionally, any player who reached level 10 in the demo will receive a 10% bonus on the CryptoHunt Token Generation Event, taking place next month between 1st March, 2018 and the 15th march, 2018. During this period the individual minimum cap has been set at 0.1 ETH with the max contribution capped at 15 ETH per contributor. Those interesting in taking part should head over to the CryptoHunt website and complete the whitelisting process.

CryptoHunt 01

Adding to the gameplay side of CryptoHunt will be a number of collectible items, cosmetic upgrades, game rank and timed events. Each of these will add to the experience, encourage more playtime and allow for unique items to be registered on blockchain meaning no two players will have the same item in their inventory. This adds a to CryptoHunt which allows it to also be a collectible videogame adding more value to each puzzle solved.

For more information on CryptoHunt head over to their website and register your interest. More updates on CryptoHunt and the continuing development of using cryptocurrency as a mechanic in VR and AR apps will be covered as they happen here at VRFocus.