Cosmic Attack VR Hits Kickstarter, Arcade Shooting In The Modern Day

We’ve seen loads of virtual reality (VR) shooters, which is natural when you see modern VR controllers. The HTC Vive motion controllers and the Oculus Touch controllers have natural hand grips, triggers, and their simple and accurate aiming make the platforms a natural fit for shooting. But most shooters want to take you into the modern era, being in outer space like Farpoint, or in a modern city like John Wick Chronicles.

But in Cosmic Attack VR you’ll be shooting down voxel forms of familiar figures from gaming history. Space Invader-like creatures will assault the planet as you valiantly defend your ground. The aliens invade from all sides and shooting them down with VR motion controllers is your only hope at victory.

Making Cosmic Attack VR different from many other VR shooters, you can make you own cover by painting and wall. Enemies can slowly chip away at it to destroy it, but the idea or making your own defences on the spot while shooting down enemies is an exciting one.

Of course there aren’t just fodder monsters to fight, bosses and more also descend from the skies, sporting massive health bars that you’ll have to work hard to deplete. You’ll need to build fortifications, aim, shoot and dodge in order to succeed in Cosmic Attack VR.

The videogame has just landed on Kickstarter, asking for a €30 pledge for a copy of the game. Perhaps a bit high for some, given the quality of VR shooters already available for a similar price.

The Kickstarter promises more than 50 levels of action, and compatibility with both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The videogame is being made by a single programmer and a single graphic artist who wished to turn their talents to videogame development. They wanted to bring back to style of action of an 80s game, and bring it into VR.

They say that the game is mostly finished, and the Kickstarter is to support the ability to publish on a variety of platforms and market the game, which is always an expensive process.

Higher tier donators will also receive stickers, coasters, t shirts and mousepads the celebrate the launch of the game, in addition to the game itself, of course.

For the trailer and more, check out the Kickstarter page. Let us know what you think of Cosmic Attack VR in the comments below, and for everything else on VR, stay on VRFocus.