Configura Exhibits new AR Technology at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Aside from videogames, one industry that’s embraced augmented reality (AR) technology has been the interior design and furniture industry. AR apps from IKEA and Houzz allow you to decorate your home without having to move furniture about to see if it fits first. This week, Configura, maker of CET designer software, has been exhibiting a new piece of AR technology called InstantVR at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair that does something similar to those apps.

InstantAR image3

Created in collaboration with technology company Praxik, InstantAR has been created as a CET Designer Extension, enabling CET Designer users to “project” their designs into a client’s space using a phone or tablet device. Whether they’ve created tables, chairs, lamps, cabinets or any other furniture, once it’s been built in CET Designer they use InstantAR to share a link which their customers open to then view the 3D model in AR.

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair has been the first showcase of the software prior to its launch next week, on 15th February.

“The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is one of Europe’s most important design exhibitions, and it’s right here in our native Sweden. We have many customers that both attend and exhibit at the fair, so it’s important for us to reinforce our brand and meet them here,” said Configura CEO Johan Lyreborn in a statement.

InstantAR image2

For further details on InstantAR head to the Praxik website. As more companies develop interior design solutions using AR, VRFocus will let you know.