Check out 15 Minutes of Teasing Moss Gameplay for PlayStation VR

With the release of Moss, the PlayStation VR title staring a young mouse named Quill, just around the corner VRFocus brings you fifteen minutes of gameplay.

Moss screenshot

Announced last year during Sony’s E3 2017 press conference, Moss is a virtual reality (VR) adventure videogame in which players guide Quill through a fantasy landscape on an epic adventure. Players will meet Quill by finding a magical book in an old library that transports them into the fantasy land. Shown as a floating masked face and orb, Quill is aware of the players presence and can communicate with them via sign language, a feature that is a testament to the love and hard work that has gone into creating Moss and conveying Quill’s emotions. This direct connection between Quill and the player will be core of Moss, enabling players able to interact on a physical and emotional level with the title.

The gameplay in Moss will see the player controlling Quill along with manipulating the environments to navigate obstacles, solve puzzles and battle enemies. Running on the Unreal Engine 4, Moss is a visually stunning title that sets to immerse the player into the fantasy land and become fully engrossed with Quill and the adventure at hand. Speaking to Chris Alderson, Polyarc, Inc’s Art Director, VRFocus discussed the origins of Quill, where Alderson said: “I gravitated towards the idea of a relationship with the character. In game you’d play on a television screen you might not make it through a mission, and you’re not that upset by it. In this, you feel bad when Quill takes damage.” You can read the full interview between VRFocus and Alderson here.

VRFocus got to preview Moss last year describing the title as: “…Moss deserves a place on your ‘most wanted’ list. After just one short play, the tease of more taxing puzzles and the forming of a non-verbal relationship with the adorable Quill is very compelling.” You can read the full preview of Moss here.

Moss is releasing on 27th February, 2018 on PlayStation VR and you can see fifteen minutes of direct capture gameplay below.

For more on Moss stay tuned to VRFocus.