CBILAB VR Studios to Launch Kickstarter for Dystopian Adventure ManMade

Today, Istanbul-based CBILAB VR Studios has announced plans to launch a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign at the end of February for its futuristic adventure ManMade. 


“ManMade is a VR adventure game set in an AI-ruled 2050’s dystopian world, states CBILAB VR Studios’ official description. “William Kaan was one of the pioneers of advanced artificial intelligence. He was living an entirely happy life, but an accident changed its course. Losing his faith in artificial intelligence, Kaan wanted to get revenge on the system that betrayed him. The play shows us how other people and our choices can drastically change our lives and touches on the fear of the future and the growth of artificial intelligence.”

Supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, ManMade already looks the part, somewhere between Blade Runner and The Matrix. In Istanbul Kaan works for a security company with players taking on a detective-like role as they search for Kaan’s sister who’s been taken by the AI. They won’t just play as Kaan though, a second character, Anika will also be available.

ManMade is being built around immersion, so every decision taken, whether that’s choosing to kill someone or reply to dialogue in a certain way will have a knock on effect. And as a detective videogame you’ll need to keep your eye out for clues along the way. To aid in this endeavour you have extra sensory abilities, with enhanced vision to see what enemies might be carrying, enhanced hearing for when danger might be close, and even enhanced smell.


CBILAB VR Studios hasn’t given an exact date for the Kickstarter to begin or how much it plans to raise, but it has launched an early incentive. The studio is running a pre-launch referral campaign. So if you sign up to its wait list and invites five friends, you’ll be able to get ManMade for free.

For further details on the videogame head to the ManMade website. And when VRFocus learns more about the Kickstarter campaign you’ll be the first to hear about it.