Brass Tactics Creator Tournament Announced

Virtual reality (VR) real-time strategy title Brass Tactics was released today and to celebrate its release Oculus have announced a Creators Tournament for the title.

Hidden Path Entertainment have been working on the steampunk-inspired RTS title for quite some time, having previously released the free Brass Tactics Arena to allows users a taste of the experience prior to the release of the full version.

Eight creators from the VR community will be competing in a single elimination style consisting of one match per round with three rounds total. The two finalists will be able to award a Oculus Rift and Touch bundle to their followers and audience, who will be picked at random via social media. The Oculus Rift bundle will be supplied by Oculus.

Taking part in the tournament will be Chary (from Cas & Chary VR), Friskk, PCVR Frank, Reality Check VR, RowdyGuy, VR Dreamer Dude, Virtual Reality Oasis and Zimtok 5.

Brass Tactics received a mostly positive review from VRFocus, saying: “As for the experience itself, Brass Tactics is almost everything you could want out of a VR RTS. Controls have been well tuned to Oculus Touch, allowing precise movement of the table and forces, whether you wish to move a single squad or your entire force in one massive push. One cravat that does pop up up when planning strategic placement of troops comes in the form of selecting the same troop.”

Brass Tactics

The tournament will take place from 11am PST on 21st February, 2018. There will be a variety of way to tune in via the channels of the creators involved. The following links can be used to watch:

As always, VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest news on VR events.