BOUNCE Comes To Viveport, Available With Viveport Subscription

Virtual reality (VR) is a natural place for physics based videogames. Being in the virtual space watching as the chain reactions you’ve put in place by hand unfold like a complicated game of Mouse Trap is far more satisfying than watching the action unfold on a 2D screen, and now, BOUNCE, a physics based puzzler, is available on Viveport. Viveport subscribers can download the videogame for free.

In BOUNCE you’ll be placing a complicated series of tubes, platforms and technology together in order to guide simple balls to a goal. Using treadmills and bounce pads, you’ll create elaborate solutions to navigate your ball to the goal.

It won’t be that simple though, as you’ll be having to avoid lasers and other obstacles that can most certainly ruin your trajectory. You’ll have to worry about the physics of course, but also your timing as you embark on a quest to solve all of the puzzles in the game.

VRFocus gave BOUNCE a four star review, praising the game’s 50 levels and addictive nature, saying; “So does BOUNCE have that perfect formula to challenge and keep gamers playing? For the most part yes. This isn’t a title that you’re going to get through in a hour. Many VR experiences are derided for their lack of gameplay time and BOUNCE isn’t one of them. With 50 levels to wade through there’s plenty to keep you busy for hours on end and that’s certainly a big plus mark. Whilst not being highly unique in terms of its core idea it’s the straight forward gameplay that aides BOUNCE’s addictiveness, and it’s certainly a title that those who love puzzlers should checkout if they’re looking for a decent challenge and a change from all the shooters currently available.”

Although the videogame is on Viveport, you can also get BOUNCE on Oculus Rift now, as it was released for the head-mounted display in the Summer of last year.

For more from BOUNCE, take a look at the videogame’s Viveport page where you can purchase the experience or add it to your Viveport subscription. If you want to see the experience in action, make sure to watch the trailer below. For all the latest news on puzzle videogames and experiences, keep reading VRFocus.