BizBash Magazine Re-Launches With AR Enhancements

Life is difficult for traditional print media in the digital age. Magazines and newspapers have engaged in a variety of tactics to win and keep readers, but for BizBash Media, the secret to success may lie in augmented reality (AR).

BizBash Media is the largest media company covering the meeting and event industry. The BizBash magazine first began as a print publication, steadily shifting over until it became and entirely digital magazine in 2017. In an effort to re-launch the publication, BizBash are planning to ad AR elements.


The company plan to release two print and digital magazines along with two digital-only magazines during 2018. The new edition will be distributed to over 20,000 event planners, with thousands more receiving the digital edition. These planners are part of a huge network of organisers who create events in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, Boston, San Francisco and Toronto.

“BizBash is taking a leadership role in getting back into publishing print magazines. By combining augmented reality with our print issues, the page becomes a portable mobile screen that is an experience without distraction,” stated Adler. “When you see what will.i.am has done with augmented reality in his graphic comic series, you can see how the technology is a game changer for the print industry. We want to start that journey with our readers to enhance what they see and what they learn from picking up a print edition of BizBash.”

The issues for Fall 2018 will focus on new venues and ideas for events for Autumn and Winter holidays. It will also feature the ‘BizBash500’, a list of the most influential players in meetings, events, festivals, conferences and consumer shows. AR will be used throughout the magazine to enhance advertising and editorial features.

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Further information can be found on the official BizBash website. As always, VRFocus will bring you the latest news on new and innovative uses for immersive technology, including AR and VR.