BG Bridal Gallery Launches AR Character Emojis

A number of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) titles have already launched to celebrate the start of a new Chinese Lunar Year. BG Bridal Gallery is taking the opportunity to launch its new line of AR characters that can mimic facial expressions.

Similar to the technology used at the demonstration of the new iPhone, the app, titled ‘Chamoji’ allows users to take a picture or capture a video, then replace their head with a selection of animated characters, in this case based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Chamoji is a combination of ‘character’ and ‘emoji’ and uses the True Depth technology available on the Apple iPhone X to allow users to express themselves by grabbing a quick photo or video, then choosing one of the twelve zodiac-based animal characters available, who will mimic the user’s facial expressions and allow user’s to share their feelings with friends or on social media.

The creators of the Chamoji app say the system is sophisticated enough to allow users to capture a range of activities, allowing for such sights as a dancing dragon, singing pig or a rapping goat. He company are planning to introduce more characters to the app sppn, to allow users an even greater range of expression.

“Celebrate Chinese New Year with Chamoji! Don’t miss out or be the last to jump on the trend! BG will be continuously releasing additional unique characters soon!” enthuses Yuki Wakiyama, Business Development Manager for BG.

The Chamoji app is available for free on the Apple app store, and joins a host of other AR-capable apps that allow users to alter themselves or the world around them using AR overlays. Visual communication such as emojis are becoming increasingly popular, with some experts and analysts seeing a trend shift in the way we communicate, as noted during the recent Samsung Unpacked event.

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