Become a Cocktail Juggling Maestro With Bartender VR Simulator

Do you know your Mojito from your White Russian, the difference between a Cosmopolitan and a Manhatten? If not don’t despair as VR Factory has just launched Bartender VR Simulator for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive so everyone can learn the tricks of the alcohol mixing trade.

Bartender VR VIP

Created in cooperation with a six-time Bartending World Champion – Tomasz Malek, Bartender VR Simulator isn’t just about learning how to mix a good cocktail, it’s also about the flair and showmanship that comes with the job, if you’re good enough.

In the career mode you’ll travel the world visiting four exotic locations to master the tools of the trade. You don’t get to control a bar at some swanky VIP party straight away, first you have to prove yourself. The journey begins in a normal music club where you learn how to make four basic drinks. Prove yourself to the ever watchful Malek and win the opportunity to train and work in the next location. Master more and more demanding drinks as you progress to new, unique bars. Earn the course completion certificate and take up a whole new challenge in the Pro Mode.

VR Factory has endeavoured to make Bartender VR Simulator as realistic as possible, so there will be a range of drinking glasses to choose from, do you choose crushed or cubed ice, a range of accurate liquors is a must, and of course the necessary garish. And just because this is virtual dosen’t mean to say things can’t get broken, juggling bottles and glasses is all part of the experience, just make sure you catch them.

Bartender VR Beach

While Bartender VR Simulator is a single-player videogame, to add a bit of competition VR Factory has included stats throughout the title, enabling you to compete with other players in challenges like: “Who will earn most money in each bar? Who will make a perfect drink in the shortest time? Who will earn the biggest tip for a single drink by mesmerising the customers by using the flair technique?”

Bartender VR Simulator is available now through Steam for £14.99 GBP. For any further updates keep reading VRFocus.